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Think Belize Limited

Think of Belize and you are thinking of us at Think Belize Limited.

We are here to help you make those thoughts and plans reality. Think Belize Limited is an idea born of the desire to see you succeed in your plans for Belize.

Real Estate

Think Belize understands that 'under all is the land' (NAR Code of Ethics preamble) and because of that universal truth, we realize that whatever your plans are, if they involve Belize, they will most likely have a Belize real estate need.

  • Looking for investment properties such as farms, ranches, agricultural land, large estates, commercial properties, mountain properties, villas, condos, beachfront properties or some island real estate that will make your plan work?
  • Searching for homes for sale, condos, villas, small ranches, agricultural land, private estates for your new home in Belize?
  • Are you seeking rental properties?
  • Do you need to check out vacation rentals for your next vacation?

Ocean View PropertyOur team knows how critical finding the right property can be to your plans and how overwhelming it can be to look through the many different internet sites and brokers listings. We also know that a lot of the good opportunities never make it onto the web sites, or broker lists. This is because Belize is a place where many people still believe in renting, or selling their own properties.

As Buyer's Broker, we are positioned to access information on both listed and unlisted properties. We work with all reputable listing brokers, developers and private owners throughout the entire country to find what you are looking for.

To read more about the Belize Real Estate Market click here. To begin your search, we have invited listing brokers, agents and owners to list their properties on our site. You can browse the listings and contact us for further information and assistance.

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Business Consultation

  • Are you interested in having a business in Belize?
  • Have you been considering setting up an offshore structure in Belize?

With many years of experience doing business in Belize, the team at Think Belize can certainly help you to get your business started. In addition, we can put you in touch with reliable attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, industry professionals, and others who can provide you with necessary expertise.

Belize's international financial services sector offers International Business Companies, Trusts and other investment vehicles along with foreign currency accounts and a good support structure of sound legislation and oversight. You can easily use this jurisdiction in your international financial planning and in putting your estate plans in order for the long term. Think Belize works with financial industry service providers to bring you reputable and trustworthy service in this area. Send us an e-mail and let's get started.

Additionally, some members of our team have been giving dedicated service to the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT), Rotary Belize, Rotary Gift of Life Program and Kolbe Foundation (administrator of the Belize Central Prison). This dedication to our society has earned them a wealth of useful information and experience that can well serve to enhance our service to you. Read more about our services.

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Vacation Planning

Looking for a stress free way to plan a vacation in Belize? We can help you to plan a wonderful adventure:

  • Visiting Maya archeological sites
  • Trekking through the rain forests
  • Strolling down medicine trails
  • Snorkeling, diving and fishing in the beautiful Caribbean Sea and on our Barrier Reef
  • Relaxing on a gorgeous beach
  • River fishing
  • Spelunking awesome caves
  • Canoeing
  • Bird watching
  • Fabulous nighttime star gazing

fishing in BelizeOur personalized vacation planning service will ensure that you return home full of lovely memories and a desire to return. Share your plans with us and we are confident that we can offer you a package that is second to none; because we work hard to ensure you get the information, hotel bookings, local flights, car rentals, and tours you want.

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Relocation to Belize

There are two methods of relocation to Belize:

  • Live and work in Belize on a one year work permit. Then after renewing your work permit for a second year, apply for permanent residency;
  • Retire to your place in the sun using the retirement residency program and get the associated tax exemption benefits.

Learn more about the Belize Retirement Residency Program.

NOTE: Belizeans moving back home are eligible to tax exemption benefits of the retirement program.

Let us help to make your move to Belize less stressful and more successful.

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