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The idea behind Think Belize is to create a trustworthy, reliable and efficient one-stop-shop for investors, so they can find answers quickly and plan thoroughly to maximize their rate of success.

Local Services:

International (Offshore) Services:

NOTE: We facilitate you with these services through our sub-agent agreement with a licensed International Financial Services provider at no additional costs to you. If you require advice and services we are not in a position to offer, you will be introduced directly to the licensed provider.

Consultation and Meetings:

Mayan Ruins of BelizeOnce you become a client of Think Belize, we will give advice and guidance wherever we can. If we know your needs go beyond our expertise, we will connect you with reliable, trustworthy professionals, or government officials to get you the answers and results you need. Additionally, we will work with you to plan your strategies, arrange meetings and plan visits (including accommodations and transportation if you live outside Belize). In general, we will take care of all the details and find the answers you seek. Contact us with your plans and ideas and we will help you get started.

Corporate Structures and Banking:

As an in-house service, we can assist you with the setting up and registration of your limited liability company (a Belize 250 Company) and any necessary bank accounts. We can also assist with annual compliance and referrals for appointment of attorneys and accountants. Contact us with your requirements and we'll get started.

Registrations, Licenses and Clearances:

We will assist you in obtaining necessary registration, licenses and clearances to ensure that you are on tract and compliant with the laws of Belize. Such licenses may include trade licenses, employer and tax registrations, development concessions, work permits, etc. Contact us for further information.

Other Services:

Knowing that each client's needs are unique, Think Belize is prepared to customize its services to meet the needs of each, even if it means exploring areas and learning new things. Just contact us and we will tell you how we can help.

Belize International Business Companies (IBC):

These are accepted worldwide as well established financial vehicles and can be used in just about any jurisdiction to house your investments and channel your interests. Some advantages and facts about a Belize IBC:

  • 24 hours set-up
  • Needs only one director and shareholder
  • Has registered office and agent in Belize providing stable address
  • Needs no annual accounting
  • Pays no Belize taxes
  • Annual general meeting can be held via telephone
  • Fixed low annual renewal fee
  • Belize IBC is reasonably priced at $750 USD for an authorized share capital of $50,000 (including incorporation fee, rubber seal and courier service)

Please contact us to set up your IBC and we will e-mail you the necessary forms.

Trust and Trustee Services:

Belize, as a former British Colony, has laws based on the British system. Therefore, when we decide to develop our offshore services, we had an excellent foundation on which to draft our trust laws and with the recent addition of a Trust Registry; Belize is an excellent place to establish your estate plans.

Some reasons a Belize Trust can work for you:

  • Belize is a stable, English speaking country
  • Trustee services are governed by the Trust Act and the Practioneers Code of Conduct
  • Trust assets are protected against claims from disgruntled spouses, children and other family members
  • Trust creates separation between legal and beneficial ownership and helps to protect against adverse claims
  • Removes issue of death tax and no probate needed before distribution of assets
  • Exempt trusts pay no taxes in Belize
  • You can determine how your assets will be used after your death

To set up your trust, please contact us for assistance.

Mutual Funds:

There is legislation in place in Belize for Mutual Funds and because it is in its early stages, this is the right time to get into this jurisdiction and help shape its future in this area. Belize has a readily available supply of people trained in business and accounting who could be the back office resource you are looking for to administer your fund.

Contact us and let's see if Belize would work for you.


Tropical Flowers in BelizeWith the Belize International Bank Act in place and strong oversight from the Belize Central Bank, setting up a bank in Belize is not easy, but once in place, it can bring you the results you are looking for. You can either choose to form a Class A bank which is opened to receive deposits from the public; but not Belizeans, or a Class B bank, which only take care of its shareholders' business and can be used as a group investment vehicle.

For further information, please contact us.

Bank Accounts:

Belize is home to several international banks offering foreign currency bank accounts. These accounts can be used either as holding accounts, or as investment accounts once linked to other facilities outside of Belize.

Let us help you get your account.

Other Structures:

In addition to the structures available in Belize, we can facilitate the formation of some structures in Panama, Nevis and other jurisdictions. Contact us for details.

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