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The Real Estate Market in Belize

Beachfront Properties

Beach Front Property in BelizeAlthough demand for Belize real estate originally centered mainly on residential beachfront lots in Placencia, the Hopkins/Sittee Point area, Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, the market has now expanded into oceanfront condominiums and villas in these areas. However, the Corozal area (Sarteneja, and Corozal Bay) is currently "hot" for residential seafront lots as prices in this area are usually a bit lower than the better know beachfront areas. Of course, with some 266 sq. miles of Belize being offshore cayes (islands), Belize has some interesting island properties on the market.

While there are still plenty of mainland beach in the Monkey River and Punta Negra/Punta Ycacos areas, they are only accessible by boat and offer no infrastructure. Prices in these areas are normally lower due to the lack of accessibility and may be better considered as a long term investments. Anyone wishing to develop these areas will need to generate their own utilities and find ways to turn the remoteness of these locations into an advantage.

Inland Properties

Farm Land in Western BelizeThe Cayo District has always been a focal point for both local and international buyers as it offers some beautiful mountainous terrain along with gorgeous riverfront properties and lush rainforest. However, with the Hummingbird Highway and Southern Highway opening up the Stann Creek and Toledo District, buyers are now finding a new supply of gorgeous seafront properties, waterfront properties, mountain properties and investment properties such as farms, ranches, agricultural lands, and large estates.

While the Orange Walk District offers some beautiful inland lagoons and rivers and has great potential for agricultural properties, farms and ranches.

Belize City (The Old Capital) is located in the Belize Distrist and is the largest urban center in the country and has the largest supply of single family homes in close proximity to infrastructure such as the international airport, hospitals, schools, etc. It is also home to some old rural communities which offer small acreages not far from the city.

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