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About our Firm

This company was formed with some very definite objectives:

  • Our goal is to share in the development of Belize by helping others to achieve their plans for Belize;
  • We know the importance of honesty and integrity and aim to perform with the highest of standards in all our dealings;
  • We believe in giving our clients good value for money and work diligently to achieve the desired outcome;
  • We understand that our success is built on your success and satisfaction.

Cucumber Beach at Old BelizeWith over seventy years of combined experience doing business in many different areas of Belize's economy, we know we have a lot to offer to our clients. Contact us and we will let you know how we can help you.

If you are already in Belize, give us a call, or come visit. We are located at charming Cucumber Beach Marina next door to the Old Belize Adventures facility, so if you wish, you can make time after your chat with us to visit the museum, dine in the restaurant, or relax on the beach.

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